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My family lived in France when I was around 5 years old. My sisters and I had a babysitter by the name of Madame Moire'. She did not speak English but communicated with us through a small suitcase she wouild bring with her. It carried 2 little animal dolls with the clothes that she herself made for them. We dressed and undressed the small hedgehog and bear for the entire time she would care for us. These sweet visits had a powerful impression on me.

When a few years older, and back in the United States, watching my Dad make the sewing machine come to life, when he made shirts for my Ken doll, was nothing short of wizardry.

The ancient craft of hand embroidery was taught to me in Girl Scouts, where my Mom was an encouraging Assistant Troup Leader. Nowadays, with a small tool kit, I can work on embroidery anywhere and at any time.

I have lived in the southwestern United States most of my life. The colors, the wild landscape, and the many cultures are magic to me. They have been my inspiration, and my teachers of design, texture, and choice of color. I wander through the wilderness, and in these times of quiet beauty comes my inspiration.

Now I sew my dolls with the machine, and just like Madame Moire’, I hand sew, but also, hand embroider the Crow’s jackets, stitching my vagabonding landscape memories for him to wear.

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