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I haven't known how to start a blog, even if I wanted to start a blog, let alone what to write. And what on earth do I write as the first entry?

But, just this afternoon, I had a memory come up (as a kind woman was asking me questions) that I had forgotten over time ... lots of time … and I want to put it into words.

When I was a young woman of 17-18 years old, I was lucky enough to make some great friends who showed me, taught me, took me, hiking and backpacking and rock climbing. We went everywhere! I realized I wanted to be nowhere else but outside. Driving "across the burning desert" I would look out and say that I wished I could make a living by selling things I made from items I found out wandering. I had no idea what that would be.

Well, I never stopped wandering and exploring. Today I realized, after 40 plus years, that my Crow with the embroidered jackets are inspired by what I have, and still, experience and see while out wandering.

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