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I have for years, and still, spend a lot of time wandering the desert landscapes of the southwestern USA. These memories I hand embroider on wool felt using classic embroidery stitches.


Colorful Moonrise Crow doll is of my own original design. The Crow itself is sewn from different types of black fabrics – a twill cotton body and head, wool felt feet, and a satin tail. He has blue eyes and sports a feather boa. He is 9 inches inches from top of head to tip of the talons, and will sit at 6 inches high. The wings are flat and have a thin layer of batting for depth. The head is stuffed with poly-fil. The lower body is filled with combination of poly-fill and poly-pellets, the pellets allowing him to be placed in a secure sitting position or a propped up standing position. There is a hidden signature tag attached under the tail.


The vest is hand sewn from a gray purple wool blend felt with classic applique and hand embroidery creating the landscape.


There is a snap on the back of the jacket so it can be removed, and later wear a new jacket.


Once in a while clean Crow by simply and gently using a tape roller.


The Crow doll can be placed onto a doll stand if you choose.


This doll is not meant as a toy but rather as a playful art piece.

New Mexico Moonrise (Sold)

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